Spring/Summer 2018

cheryl wilder poetCheryl Wilder is currently at work on a full-length poetry manuscript.

Her work explores how value is placed on people and material things. By juxtaposing human traumas with the material world–from cathedrals to trinkets–Cheryl attempts to understand the complexity of worth. The virtue in oneself. The value in others. How the built environment’s merit has served both its creators and its occupants.

What is it that we hold on to? And why?

At least, that’s what she thinks it’s about.

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What Binds Us

cheryl wilder poetBoth the frailty and necessity of human connection is exposed within the first lines of What Binds Us. Unspoken pains lie at the heart of a family’s dynamic. Wilder pushes beyond her family’s silence in order to understand the point where relationships break down. From the beginning, we see this demonstrated by the strained relationship between her mother and grandmother.

For Wilder, the lessons don’t come easy. After a failed marriage and still in her twenties, it’s in caring for her son where she begins to see the intertwining roles of mother, daughter, wife, and individual woman. Here, Wilder begins to build her own family foundation.

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