Critical Essays

    7 Deadly Sins of the Writing Life: Sloth,” Hunger Mountain, October 2012

      Sloth, real Sloth, is easy to recognize. Greasy hair, potato chip crumbles down the shirt, dirty dishes stacked at the sink and on the coffee table.
    7 Deadly Sins of the Writing Life: Pride,” Hunger Mountain, November 2012

      I needed to be heard. I was in the fifth grade in 1984, when missing children–almost always dead children–stared at me from the milk carton as I ate my breakfast.


Personal Essays

    What It’s Like Living Here,” Numero Cinq Magazine, February 2011

      You relocated last summer and for the first time in seventeen years you feel at home. Let’s clarify.
    A Writing Manifesto,” Bite My Manifesto, 31 Dec. 2012

      I started writing to grasp the chaos which is human nature. I kept writing to identify myself within said chaos.