Studio In A Suitcase,” Vermont College of Fine Arts Newsletter, Winter 2012

      “Simplicity comes from traveling,” says MFA-VA alumna Denise Karabinus Telang.
    Modern and Made by Hand,” Architects + Artisans, 20 Dec. 2010

      Once craftsman Evan Lightner had built his first piece of furniture, he began to focus solely on custom woodworking.
    Painting to Create a Community,” Architects + Artisans, 10 Dec. 2010

      When artist Alia El-Bermani moved to North Carolina from California, painting helped her find a sense of place.
    Ali Cavenaugh and the Female Form,” Architects + Artisans, 22 Nov. 2010

      An expressionist with a streak of formalism, Ali Cavenaugh offers insights into the unexpected and recognizable aspects of life with playful and thought-provoking figurative paintings.
    A Vanishing Oasis at City’s Edge,” w. J. Michael Welton, Architects + Artisans, 15 Nov. 2010

      An 11-acre, Taliesin-like landmark in Raleigh, NC is about to be transformed into low-income housing.
    Carolina’s Vanishing Tobacco Barns,” w. J. Michael Welton, Architects + Artisans, 01 Nov. 2010

      North Carolina’s flue-cured tobacco barns are all but forgotten vernacular gems today, bygone symbols of a region’s history, culture and economy.
    A Life in Landscape Architecture,” w. J. Michael Welton, Architects + Artisans, 26 Oct. 2010

      New Yorkers may claim Frederick Law Olmstead as their own, and Virginians might cling to the gardens that Charles Gillette once molded and shaped, but North Carolinians today can embrace their own living icon of the landscape architect profession.
    Ligon Flynn, FAIA, 1931-2010,” Architects + Artisans, 25 Oct. 2010

      From the beginning of his career, architect Ligon Flynn sought to incorporate a site’s natural elements into his designs. By the end, he wanted inside and outside to merge and interact seamlessly.
    Art as Life Journey,” Architects + Artisans, 20 Oct. 2010

      Heather Allen-Swarttouw’s art is about a journey.
    In Asheville, Sketching in 3-D,” Architects + Artisans, 19 Oct. 2010

      Building tree houses and wooden boats wasn’t just a childhood past-time for Doug Lapham of Shooting Star Forge.