In Its Distance,” Prime Number Magazine, Issue 131, April-June 2018

      They are so like love, hurricanes.
    [Reprint] “Where I Don’t Live,” Verse Daily, March 4, 2018

      Tiny squares, triangles and hexagons
    In Parentheses,” Literary Mama, November 2014

      It’s Saturday and we sit on the floor
      piecing together LEGO® houses and flying cars
    “What Binds Us,” Cream City Review, Spring/Summer Issue, June 2011

      When my grandmother and mother are together they get asked if
         they are twins–
      my mom has to hear how she’s the younger, uglier one.
    Disconnected,” Strong Verse, July 2010

      The answering machine light remains solid,
      the empty side of my bed is full
      of new pillows. It is almost midnight
    Muse,” Strong Verse, July 2010

      It seems the journey has not been easy for you, either.
    Spring Cleaning in Winter,” Strong Verse, July 2010

      I help her throw away two-year-old sour cream,
      the nearly empty cleaning products, two, three,
      no, six bottles under the sink.
    Any Good Reason,” Strong Verse, July 2010

      It took all my effort at first
      but after time became who I am,
    Dead Files,” Connotation Press, March 2010

      I thumb through boxes, 65, 19, 37,
      piece together, organize, reshuffle.
      Each file rubs against the other,
    Physicality of Learning,” Connotation Press, March 2010

      It comes from hurrying to fill sweet tea for a young couple
      feeding sweet-n-low to their toddler through a pixie stick.
    Foundation,” Connotation Press, March 2010

      It took all my grandmother’s strength
      to open and close her curtains weighted
      with polyester and years of Price is Right.